The Wagyu Breed

Full Blood & Crossbreeds

Wagyu are Japanese cattle with very distinctive genetics and are known either as Full Blood or F1, F2, F3, and so on.

Full Blood means that both Sire and Dam animals are registered with a known pedigree on both sides. An ‘F’ or crossed animal only has a known pedigree on one side (usually the sire). The number indicates the number of generations since the first cross. Wagyu are generally crossed with Angus or Friesians in Australia.


The genetics of the breed originate from Japan and regional isolation within that country produced three lines with varying characteristics. These are:

The gene pool that has developed in Japan since is worth millions of dollars, as are the genes available in Australia through Wagyu producers and genetic specialists.

The Raging River Wagyu herd, as with most herds in Australia, is a combination of all three lines, which is the recommended approach for full blood herds. The herd currently consists of a mix of Full Blood, F1 and F2 cattle.

We practice low stress cattle management techniques with no growth hormones to ensure our cattle are well cared for, resulting in tender, rich flavoured meat.