This section of our website is where we up date you with what is happening for Raging River Wagyu about the farm and our promotional activities.

The Farm

It is spring, and usually we look forward to this season with optimism. However, with the low rainfall we are planning our season quite differently.

We are currently putting in our crop of millet which will be harvested in January/February, baled and stored for winter feed. Due to the dry weather we are preparing our irrigation equipment to assist with the growth of the crop. Over the last two years this has not been necessary due to high rainfall.

We have two herds on the property. Our herd of twenty breeders consists of a mix of full bloods and F1 Wagyu. The F1 (or crossbreeds) are mainly Angus with two very friendly Friesians. The second herd is made up of our weaners, ranging in age from 6 to 9 months.

The herds are separated, as we have them on different feeding regimes. The weaners are on a much higher protein diet to assist them with growth and development. We weigh them every fortnight to monitor their progress and also get them used to being handled. We refer to this as gentling the cattle. Teaching them from an early age that being handled is not to be feared means that we can move the cattle around the property, administer treatment if required, and generally manage them with minimal stress being experienced by the animal. This results in content animals that gain weight and ultimately produce far more tender meat.

What will be different with the cattle through spring, if the drought continues, is that we will have to hand feed. This is something that farmers usually only do (and budget for) through winter, as the feed is less prevalent on the ground. If times get really tough then de-stocking or agistments to regions with higher rainfalls are considered.

The ongoing work continues of mulching paddocks after we relocate the cattle to minimize sour lumps (dung piles) and add to the organic matter to the soil – even more important in dry times.

Fencing and running repairs are ongoing and our farm plan is never ending … more water troughs, breaking up of the bigger paddocks, managing our natural forest, etc.

Promotional Activities

We have some exciting events about to take place for Raging River Wagyu. We are participating in a showcase of Mid North Coast producers at Parliament House, Sydney, in October. This is an exciting event and we have formed partnerships with complementary producers and come up with A Day Trip in the Journey of Flavour (1.8MB PDF file).

We have joined up with The Company Farm, Near River Produce, Cassegrain Winery and The Little Brewing Company, all local producers with the same philosophies of good customer service, paddock to plate produce and gourmet products.

We have put together a range of tastings for Parliament House and will continue this theme to Tastings of the Hastings in Port Macquarie on October 26th at the Race Track. It will be at this event that Raging River is launching our Wagyu Whirls – a guaranteed mouth watering experience! Please come along to meet us and taste our new product.

That is about it for spring – talk again in summer. In the meantime, eat lots of Wagyu, be healthy and be happy!