Raging River Wagyu Products

Raging River Wagyu provides Full Blood, F1 and F2 meat, with marble scores up to 9+, available to restaurants, providores and specialty butchers.

Certificates of Authenticity are provided with all Raging River Wagyu beef carcasses and cuts, to provide traceability and ensure that you are receiving 100% Australian Wagyu.

We suggest when using Wagyu to consider all cuts of the meat. Wagyu is a different beast to what the Australian market is familiar with. The meat at the neck of the animal is the most favoured in Japan. This is directly opposed to the Australian traditional Angus or Hereford beef where the rump is savored.

The Raging River Wagyu Cuts Guide (200KB PDF file) has been developed to assist chefs and gourmet cooks with understanding the relationship between Japanese cuts and cooking, and western styles.

We recommend when serving Wagyu, particularly the higher marbling scores, that smaller portions are used. We follow Tetsuya’s (20:2007) simple cooking tips:

Wagyu Whirls

The whirls have been based on the concept of the Boerewors, an old recipe from the Netherlands over 200 years ago.

Raging River Whirls are 100% beef, with no spices being added. Wagyu is such a rich meat that it brings all the Umami to the dish that is required. We recommended cooking it simply; sauté with fresh ingredients such as tomatoes, onions and basil to form a simple sauce which rounds out the flavours of the Wagyu.

Barbecuing the whirls is also tasty; served with a crisp fresh salad and crunchy Italian breads, they make a great feast and social occasion for friends and family.

Cooking Points

You may note that when cooking Wagyu there is a high level of fat coming out of the meat. There are two points here:

  1. Lower your cooking temperature to ensure a healthier eating experience, and
  2. Remember that the marbling of the meat is infused with ‘Omega 3 likened’ elements, giving you a much healthier meal.

New Products

We are in the process of developing a range of other Wagyu products.


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Tetsuya, 2007, The Australian Wagyu Update, Jefferson Media, QLD